Our offers and practices

The Trajectives approach

Here and now

What is key for us is how both, the coach and the client, are currently living the situation. Along each coaching session, when working on the client’s situation, the coach is careful to what is being reproduced between them. Data thus provided are more accurate than those relying on partial and often changing perceptions the manager has from a past situation. Our assumption is that the “here and now” relationship mode is like a social microcosm; it gives a clear picture on how the manager relates to others, in past and in present situations.


The coach is careful consider all the aspects of the situation (rational, relational, personal and contextual) and how they emotionally resonate for him and his client.

Focus on the process

It is not about restricting the situation to a frozen assessment; in his analysis, the coach integrates how things are said, how they happen, how they change and they develop in a moving context.


The coach organizes significant and graduated learning experiences, while being mindful of the integrity of the client: it is not about putting the client in danger, nor challenging him to prove that he “can do it… ”. In a safe environment, he stimulates new experiences, risk taking and how to take a stand.

Self and controlled involvement

For the coach, it is about getting out of the neutrality of the so called « objective » reality and getting committed. To do so, the coach relies on the richness of his personality and his intuition, while sharing what is meaningful for him in the present moment.


The dialogue is the lever that supports the coach’s presence in relationship to otherness. This leads to co-creation (not to interpretation) of meaning (not of truth).

Change theory

Even though it is temporary, we access to change through acknowledgment and acceptation of « it is what it is ». We don’t get it through decrees.