“Graft” Something New for a sustainable future

New Management Models, New Management Skills

A successful business must differentiate itself from its competitors. Adopting a pertinent management model, and creating the skills necessary to apply the model, is one of the best ways to succeed at this task. To be effective, the model must find its roots in the confrontation between enterprise strategy and market reality. Management skills need to adapt to the market reality in a permanent way.

Management skills are a form of capital for the enterprise, similar to other forms of capital. However it is a very fragile capital. It assemblies all other types of resources and must constantly evolve with the changing nature of the market reality.

What is at Stake?

A successful manager cannot simply apply the same formulas over and over again to the new situations that an evolving market will provoke. Such an approach will ultimately jeopardize the performance of the organization. A constantly evolving management model is necessary to respond to an evolving environment. The model must take advantage of what exists already so as to leverage experience. Yet, the model must continually introduce new elements adapted to the real situation: therefore perpetual change!

Our Offer

Define and test a management model pertinent to your situation

  • Accompany the manager or project leader as he applies the new model while integrating the specific economic and human factors.
  • Ensure the permanence of the model by identifying the specific people who benefit from its application.
  • Develop tools that allow identifying key levers to collective performance.

Design or improve management skill training systems

  • Build innovative courses for acquiring management skills.
  • Imagine and design content for new training modules.
  • Ensure a maximum quality for the sequence of trainings through an appropriate quality management program

Design and lead training actions on managerial behavior such as, for example:

  • Manage complexity by putting in perspective each new event in the global system.
  • Step back and identify what is at stake beyond immediate problems.
  • Anticipate and manage crisis situations.
  • Develop management efficiency in a multicultural environment.

How We Intervene

  • After analysis of the clients request, we study the motivations and resistances of the targeted population so as to develop an implementation plan.
  • We will then bring new methods into play while mobilizing our team’s creativity so as to implement the plan.
  • We will ensure the congruence between acquired skills, performance and the tools necessary for the exercise of one’s job.

Case Study

Grasping New Opportunities

This multinational company had systematically rejected several new technologies coming out of the Israeli technical community, at the risk of not differentiating themselves from the competition.


The Israeli team had, on several occasions, rallied the general management to create partnerships with leading technology companies, but in vain. Three years later, the group woke up and asked us to make a diagnosis of the situation in Israel and to propose a method of increasing revenue and leadership world-wide.

Our Intervention

We made a thorough study of the organization in particular concerning the production of new technologies within Israel. We identified all the business units who could benefit from this market. We created a new management system supported by leveraging processes and procedures that worked well in the group in other areas


The investment plan was approved and an autonomous international team capable of intervening in Israel was organized. This enabled the integration of all dimensions of the business – from Research and Development to Marketing and Sales. Growth increased exponentially since 2000. Revenue went up from $2M in 2000 to $240M in 2004. A major cultural change took place in the group that lead to the adoption of new third party technologies to complement their portfolio.

Case Study

Bringing New Solutions

This company decided to use Internet as a means of creating new offerings for its clients.


We were asked to deploy a new portfolio of e-commerce offerings for their sales teams on a world-wide basis. We provided the sales representatives with a kit allowing them to jointly create Internet solutions with their clients. The result was a clear and marked differentiation with respect to their competitors.

Our Intervention

We deployed a new management organization composed of direct teams and the creation of expert communities and the elaboration of a support program in the form of mentoring. Internet technology was used in an innovative way to improve business management and internal process efficiency. We used e-learning technique to improve the training of the sales representatives and globally decrease the cost of this program.


New e-commerce offerings were successfully launched and within only 18 months, this group had become a worldwide leader in integrated solution. Product lines and marketing management consensually adopted a new common market segmentation.