Support Your Key Managers

Pass a professional milestone
Take on a new challenge
Get over a crisis

A manager may, at any point of his professional life, have to deal with a new professional challenge, overcoming a shock that has affected his career, a change in function, or overcoming relational conflict. Any team might need to support new projects or find new marks as a part of a strategic realigning or as part of a rupture with the announced goals.

What is at Stake?

Managers lead teams in complex, dynamic environments. They are appreciated by their capacity to always produce rapid and visible results. In order to keep up with their competitors, they need to take time out for performance improvement. The essential contribution of coaching is to offer what may be thought of as a private lesson directed toward the specific problems of the individual or team.

Our Offer

1. Performance coaching for business leaders and managers.

  • Occupying a new position
  • Facing up to organizational uncertainty.
  • Taking into account the cultural and geographical complexities.
  • Developing relational skills on top of technical ones.

2. Team Building

  • Reinforcing team cohesion.
  • Designing and running a seminar for a management committee.
  • Allowing a team to equip itself with an action plan in order to achieve its goals.
  • Improving the functioning between various teams.

3. Managerial mentoring

Passing on our knowledge and our managerial know-how as a master would to an apprentice.

How We Intervene

  • We carry out a collective work on the individual representations of performance in order to bring out a shared vision.
  • We rally all the energies that we can find and we facilitate individual contributions in connection with performance.
  • We spur leaders and teams to take founding acts so that their decisions of change will be squarely rooted in reality.

Case Study

Supporting the Business Leader

An American manufacturer acquires the French leader of the sector in order to increase its market coverage in France. This manufacturer is also the distributor of the competing product, which is going to create a crisis situation.


Still in a state of shock, the competitor created his own subsidiary company and hires about 40% of the staff of the company that was acquired. Our mission was to rally key influential managers in order to stop the personnel outflow and focus all energy into the new expansion. The stakes were extremely high; if decisive action was not taken rapidly, the entire investment could have been lost. Facing up to this exceptional situation required a lot of self-control and clarity of mind from the business leader

Our Intervention

The business leader was given the support necessary for him to carry-out a crisis management strategy. At first, we helped him find a strategic vision to prevent the dispersion of the project into a large number of small, baffling and incompatible projects. Then we supported him during the conception of a communication plan.  As concerns communication, we paid particular attention to the possibility of conflicting messages being transmitted through different channels: words had to be consistent with actions. We then helped him create a sense of urgency and a coalition of key managers to move the project forward. Finally, we helped him sort out three or four strategic decisions that were essential.


The crisis was stopped by a rigorous plan of action supported by a well-thought-out communication strategy. The company regained the loyalty of its employees and clients. Even a few of the previous employees that had left were hired back. We are expecting a growth of 10% in 2007 after a year of recovery in 2006.