Because change is a lengthy process, the only real changes are those that last over time.

Because leaving one’s own knowledge area to innovate in one’s professional practice requires a great deal of effort, there is a risk that one will return to the same formulas again and again and will no longer play the role of catalyst for change.

We have designed and developed several support methods for professionals. By “professionals” we include managers, executives, and all of the professions responsible for furthering change.

Furthering change means being able to ask oneself questions about one’s experiences and frustrations, having the desire to revisit one’s responsibility in one’s interactions, and speaking freely of one’s successes and of one’s failures, thereby renewing one’s support for the change process to which one is committed.

All our workshops

  • recognize that our customers are engaged in influential professions with responsibility,
  • strengthen learning experiences and know-how by providing support on the “ground” whenthey are faced with real experiences,
  • promote the growth of communities by creating numerous opportunities to share with the participating parties.